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Learn more about some of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Criteria Eligibility to participate?

Must be: 

  • A Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or protected person legally entitled to work in Canada
  • A BC Resident
  • Unemployed or Precariously Employed
  • Not a full-time students
  • Not actively participating in or receiving financial supports from another provincially or federally-funded labour market program
  • Must be interested in and ready to engage in skills training and employment
  • Facing 2 or more barriers to employment
What are barriers?

This program is designed to support people with multiple barriers to employment. Barriers can look quite different in each person. Below are some of the barriers that could be impacting your ability to find meaningful employment

  • Housing instability
  • Recovering from addiction
  • Prior criminal justice involvement
  • Mental health challenges
  • Lack of social networks and connections
  • Lack of recent and/or Canadian work experience
  • Limited literacy skills
  • Limited English language skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low income
  • Young adult at Risk
  • Older Worker
  • Survivor of violence and/or abuse
I would like to register for this program but how long will my appointment take?
  • The appointment typically takes 45 – 60 minutes.
  • During this pandemic the intake interview is happening via Zoom. Please make sure you find a space that you can complete this interview without interruption, if possible
What is the schedule of the program?
  • Be prepared to come every day. This program runs 5 days per week for 6 weeks. Times vary depending on the needs of the cohort but typically classes will run for 2 hours in the morning, then 2 hours in the afternoon, and a break for lunch between
  • Once the 6 weeks of training have been completed we will work with you to find employment that meets your needs, whether that is full time or part time.
What happens after six weeks?
  • Once the group based training ends, there is still the employment placement and support you receive from Back in Motion. We will be with you on your journey up to 3 months after finding a job
What should I bring to my appointment?
  • We need to prove your identity so any documents such as Driver’s License,  BCID, PR documentation, Passport or Birth Certificate
  • If you have a resume, bring that along as well
  • Any questions you may have for us to answer
Where is this program offered?
  • We offer the program in three different locations:

    • Richmond #110-6651 Elmbridge Way
    • Surrey #240-7525 King George Blvd
    • Vancouver #208-333 East Broadway

During this ongoing pandemic we are running our program virtually, using tools such as Zoom. We welcome people from all over the province but we will return to in-class activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

What subjects will be covered in the program?
  • Skills for Life and Work provides training for individuals around finding and keeping employment. The following categories are addressed during the six weeks of training:

    • Employment Counselling
      • Training plans
      • Needs assessments
      • Job Readiness Skills
      • Workshops in group settings
    • Skills Training
      • Soft Skills
      • Essential Skills
      • Occupational Skills
What level of work is usually targeted?
  • We try to match everyone with the career goals that they have with individualized training plans. Skills for Life and Work is designed to support people with the following:

    • Full or part time employment
    • Entry level in a variety of sectors
What kind of job will you find me?
    • The following is a list of targeted sectors
      • Customer Service
      • Hospitality and Food & Beverage
      • General Labour and Warehousing
      • Business and Administration
    • Although we are focusing on the above sectors, we do try our best to support individuals with a variety of sectors on an individualized one-on-one basis.
Will I earn any certificate in the program?
  • Yes. You will get certificates in
    • First Aid
    • SuperHost
    • Food Safe
    • WHMIS
    • Others are considered
  • We will provide a certificate for completing the 6 weeks of training as well
Will the program be completed after 6 weeks or will you continue to contact me after this date?
  • We will absolutely be staying in touch with you when you finish the cohort training. We are here to support you into employment and on the job for up to three months
What If I find a job in the middle of the program?
  • That’s great. We will work with you and the employer so you can complete your training and keep your new job as well
What if I can’t afford to come to class every day?
  • All participants will be given a transportation allowance to get to and from classes
  • Currently all classes are done virtually and can be done from home 
Will I have to pay any fees to participate in the program?
  • No. This is a completely free program to help you find and keep a job
What happens if I have an appointment? Is it okay to miss class?
  • It is okay to miss some classes due to appointments such as doctor’s appointments or job interviews. 
  • There is an attendance requirement but exceptions can and will be made on an individual basis
Am I guaranteed a job?
  • Although no one cannot guarantee a job, we can absolutely guarantee opportunities for interviews and placements
  • Our job developer will work with you to provide you with a variety of opportunities
  • Everyone will still need to pass a job interview with a prospective employer
How big are the classes?
  • Class sizes vary from cohort to cohort but we try and keep classes smaller for individualized attention with no more than 10 per class over 3 locations.
If, during the pandemic, classes are virtual, what do I need to be able to participate?
  • A basic computer/laptops that can run word processing software, Zoom and has internet access
  • Tablets are not ideal but we can get by if the correct software is on it

Program Testimonials

We are so thankful to have such amazing program members who have taken the time to share their experiences with us.

"...I was worried that I am not eligible for this program but when I was accepted into the program I felt that I am very lucky person to be accepted into this program..."

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